Kristina Ciccu, ASID

Phone:  206-849-5559

“You’ve been a tremendous help and you have no idea how much it is appreciated. Everything is beautiful, and I’ve even said a happy goodbye to the peach.
It was a delight working with you, and we wish you a trip of a lifetime
to Italy. If you have any other suggestions, they will always be

-Sue M. of Bellevue

Kristina was a pleasure to work with and very affordable. We called her about an addition we were planning on our house. We wanted make one of the bedrooms bigger, add a bathroom and more closet space…basically turn it into a master bedroom. Kristina met with us to find out what we wanted and look at the space we had. She was really nice and we got along great at that first meeting. The next time she came out to discuss the addition she brought some plans along. I had only expected one or maybe two options, but she brought four! She explained each one, also pointing out a few things on each that could be changed or altered depending on preference. Each of the plans had something we hadn’t thought of when trying to envision it ourselves. The fourth plan however, was not even close to what we expected and is our favorite of the plans. It’s perfect and had we not called her we would never have known how incredible our addition could be! I would recommend Kristina to anyone that wants to do any remodeling in their home. You won’t be disappointed.

-Stacy H. of Bothell