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Black and White and Sophisticate All Over

One of my all-time favorite designers du jour is Kelly Wearstler, whom you have probably heard of unless you have been living under a rock somewhere. Interior designer- turned TV personality turned fashion designer still true to her bones always interior designer -Kelly has the heart of America. Why do I love her so? Her incredible style speaks for itself, and is hard to deny. Her interiors are exciting yet calm, always sophisticated, and intrinsically creative.

A Kelly Wearstler design

There are many reasons to love her interiors, but one of my favorites is her use of the black and white palette. A sophisticated stand-by for interior designers almost as long as there have been designers, some might think the black and white room has gone by the wayside, or feels stuffy or forced. In today’s land of beige it is too bold for some, but when you come right down to it, black and white are the true neutrals. Kelly brings new life to the idea with her bold punches of color – usually just one or two – and the effect is striking.
Black and white rooms with a bold yellow accent can be stimulating and sensory – perfect for a dining room. Looking for something a bit calmer? Try a deep purple hue or a soft aqua with the black and white backdrop for a bedroom. A black and white living room with soft green accents or neutral beige’s feel inspired, and is a color palette that can go into just about any style of décor. Traditional, transitional or modern- this color palette is the “little black dress” of interior design.